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One fine spring day, my girlfriend came to me. We had a long weekend, and I wanted to spend them alone, after a week of work, but she confused all my plans. My husband was not at home, on a business trip, small grandmothers, and I felt calm, I enjoyed lying in the bathroom by candlelight with a glass of wine, the romance was created for us by the zhek, turning off the light, so I used the moment. At that moment when I was already completely relaxed and already wanted to enjoy and enjoy my already groaning vagina and breasts, I loved at such a moment to caress my pussy, nipples and squeeze them at the same time, brought myself to the point of hanging special clothespins on the nipples and clitoris , and after this she began to introduce an imitator or a vibrator, she could fondle herself so slowly and for a long time, changing only different things for the vagina. As soon as I put on the clothespins and chose where to start there was a knock on the door, so persistent that I had to get out of the bath, throwing on a light robe. I opened the door, it’s dark in the entrance, but I immediately realized that Irina had come to me, in the light of the candle I noticed her standing with a large bag in one hand and with an open bottle of wine in the other. She came right in and I closed the door. - Natasha, what are you doing in the dark, and why didn't you say that you were alone? You know, I'm always bored, especially when there are so many days off, and even days off. She went straight to the kitchen, put the bag down as a master, drank the wine from her throat and put the bottle on the table. I stood and just watched as she quickly took apart the package in which there were three more bottles of wine, fruit and sweets. - Right now, your friend and I will get drunk as never before, I have long dreamed of relaxing with you so as to erase all boundaries. The fact that they had an affair with mine for a very long time I knew and, in principle, was not against it, especially since it was enough for both of us, the main thing was that it did not go beyond the bounds of decency, and not with me, several times she hinted to me that it was time to live three of us, but I just laughed it off and thought it was all a joke. At that moment, I had no idea that everything was just beginning. She looked at me, ran her hand over my arm, back, a shiver ran through my whole body, I was already on the edge, and then her touches touched me in general, so that my pussy flowed down my legs, she obviously felt it and ran her hand under my robe, ran her hand between my legs from the knees, smoothly rising to my moaning pussy, I completely relaxed, closed my eyes and just enjoyed it, she felt my clothespin on the clitoris and was pleasantly surprised that only I knew about the fact that I was hanging them and at that moment she recognized it, too, she squeezed her a little and I generally lost control of myself, even began to moan, and she either increased the compression, then relaxed leading me to a frenzy, and screams with moans. Hugging me to her grabbed my ass and squeezed it tightly, from this I squatted down with moans, thus I noticed what she was wearing, stockings and a skirt, her legs pulled me to snuggle up to them, but something inside me contained from such, and I just took a breath and sat down on a chair. She took off her jacket, remained only in a transparent sweater from under which her breasts were visible with protruding nipples, large and inviting, and the breasts themselves looked great, the skirt hugged her ass, I was captured by this spectacle.

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